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Bittered Sling - Clingstone Peach

Remarked as the juiciest, the sweetest and most succulent of all the peaches, the Clingstone’s flesh holds on to the pit for dear life – hence the name. Let your mouth sing with this gorgeous extract, with uplifting spicy back-notes. Notes of dried and roasted hot chilies, black and green pepper, almond and peach. *This extract contains natural stomach fortifiers, and may relieve high body temperatures and fever, while being a mild digestive.

Beverage recommendations:This is such a versatile extract – from virgin drinks, to Tiki style cocktails, jazzing up a lemonade or a whiskey sour. It comes across on the palate silky, milky and delicious!

Cooking recommendations: 
Replace vanilla extract in dessert recipes. A great finish for a hollandaise sauce and makes a killer marinade for chicken, vegetables, fish and shellfish.  Amazing paired with coconut and tropical fruit.

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