Cocktail Emporium will elevate your at-home cocktail experience to new heights.

Our Toronto locations and online shop are a one-stop shop for all things cocktails.

Check out the amazing people behind the curtain!

Kristen Voisey

Owner + Founder

Hangover cure: ramen + vitamin water + bath

Eric Tindale

Director of Operations

Teenage cocktail: equal parts vodka, peach schnapps, tahiti treat

Gráinne O’Flynn

Director of Operations

Impress your guests cocktail: Rum Sour with Pineapple Bitters

Lauren McNicol

Queen of Kensington & Social Media Director

Drink order at a Legion: DIY Old Fashioned with rye, bitters from my purse, and sugar from the coffee cart

Kieran Collins

King of Queen St.

Hangover cure: ice cold shower + a shot of Johnnie Walker Red

Vanessa Robak

Empress of Ingredients

Hangover cure: a pint of organic blueberries + a pint of iced ginger green tea + a quiet dark room with a weighted blanket

Brendan Murray

Resident Aficionado

Impress your guests cocktail: Tequila Negroni

Jesse Daly

Emporium Fairy

Teenage cocktail: Any kind of pop mixed with Malibu Rum.

Emily Johnston

Patron Saint of the Emporium

Teenage cocktail: red sourpuss and blue curacao pre-mixed in a water bottle (for ease of transport)