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Scrappy's Lavender Bitters

The Scrappy's flagship blend, the original lavender bitters. Bright, sweet, yet remarkably well rounded. Scrappy's has captured spring in a bottle which allows you to place the soul of the lavender flower in a glass.

THE LAVENDER LADY (as pictured)
— dry shake, shake, serve up, lavender garnish —
2 oz. Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22
one egg white (or Miraculous Foamer)
3/4 oz. Earl Grey tea syrup
4 dashes Scrappy’s Lavender Bitters
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
by Zak Doy of Rush Lane, Toronto

— shake, serve up, cherry garnish —
2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup
1/8 oz. cranberry juice
one egg white (or Miraculous Foamer)
2-3 dashes Scrappy's Lavender Bitters

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