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Apothecary Smokey Pear Bitters

The Mystic Caravan Smokey Pear bitters are a unique and intriguing blend of flavours that work wonders in cocktails. Rich and aromatic, these bitters use several varieties of pear for a complex fruit profile that is complemented wonderfully by a bold smoke aroma and taste. Combine that with an undertone of lemon, spice and tannins, and these bitters will take your drink to the next level. Extremely versatile and an excellent accent note for cocktails, these bitters work especially well with brandy (especially Calvados), scotch and most amaro. Try them in a Vieux Carre, a scotch Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier.

Tasting Notes: Aroma notes of forest smoke, cooked pear, cloves and honey. Taste follows with subtle wood smoke, rich pear, nutmeg, spice and a light sweetness.

ABV: 36%

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