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World Bottled Beers: 50 Classic Brews to Sip and Savour

By Adrian Tierney-Jones

‘Adrian describes beer with romance, balanced by the razor-edged prose of a contemporary poet.’ – Stuart Howe,  Molson Coors Head of Craft Brewing & Innovation

Lovingly created with some of the finest ales known to man, World Bottled Beers is a unique collection of highly hopped American IPAs, robust British stouts, groundbreaking Danish brews, must-try Belgian classics and Australian pale ales.

This carefully researched collection is a must-have for anyone seeking to taste the best beers from around the world. Easily accessible, these beers represent all the major beer styles, from bitters and stouts to pale ales and IPAs, lagered beers such as pilsner and wheat beer to Belgian lambics and trappist beers.

From the light and refreshing Adnams Broad Side to the whisky-tinged Harviestoun Ola Dubh in the UK, to US classics such as Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and knock-your-socks-off highly hopped Bear  Republic Racer 5 IPA, discover a beer world that is rich in flavour and diversity. If you’ve never tried a Belgian trappist ale, then Westmalle Triple will tickle your taste buds, or for summer thirst quenching, take a sip of Camden US Hells or German Schneider Weisse. Whatever your palate, this book provides a pleasing beer to discover and enjoy, for any occasion.

Adrian Tierney-Jones is a journalist and beer writer whose work has appeared in the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and, in the US, All About Beer. He is Chief European Judge of the World Beer Awards and is an acknowledged expert taster and talker on the world of beer. He has won many awards for his beer writing, including the travel bursary of the British Guild of Beer Writers.