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Nachtmann Sculpture Decanter Set

Nachtmann continues to expand on their relationship with widely known and respected design schools around the world. In 2011 for the third time Nachtmann initiated a design competition with Stockholm’s Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. Lead by product designer Stefanie Kubanek, Nachtmann continues to carve out a reputation as a creator of modern classics in crystal.

The design-student Ahmet Uslu, a successful and emerging designer, succeeded in this competition and created a new line for the Nachtmann brand – Sculpture.

Ahmet Uslu, “For Sculpture, I went back to a rugged block of rock. I imagined a sculptor carving the rock and catching a glimpse of crystal...I wanted to capture the beauty inside. I was more interested in showing the process than the finished product...I wanted to show the rough and the smooth, the unfinished and the finished.” 

The complex geometry of the unfinished part of the decanter and glasses plays with the reflections of light. Together with the perfection of the finished parts and its brilliant light refraction, they create a modern and extraordinary design.

Decanter and two tumblers.
Lead crystal, machine made in Germany.

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