Japanese Copper Shaker

"You take the bottle down from the shelf. You twist off the cap. The liquid streams into the glass. Every action is natural and the result of focused concentration. The bartender never shows off and yet nothing is accidental.

Your job as a bartender is to make good cocktails, but it is also important to make them look delicious. To refine your skills, you have to closely study not only the flavour but also the movements that go into making a cocktail. You have to practice the basics and focus on making your movements flow while presenting a clean, neat image.

The intent isn’t to look cool but rather to refine the entire cocktail drinking experience for the guest. Herein lies the biggest difference between an amateur making cocktails at home and a professional bartender standing in front of the bar doing his job while all eyes are on him."

These words from Japan's most respected bartender, Kazuo Uyeda, shed light on the importance of proper technique when mixing drinks, and by extension the necessity of using tools that aid a practiced action. 

A three-piece cobbler shaker is necessary when employing Uyeda's hard shake. This technique optimizes temperature, flavour, and texture.