Bourbon Sour Art Print

A tribute to the classic enjoyed as far back as the 1700's, this piece features a Bourbon Sour surrounded by its most fundamental ingredients in a colourful, contemporary, polygonal style.

12"x12" art print mounted on wood fiberboard 3/8" thick (about the size of a vinyl album cover.)

  • 100% Canadian - designed, printed, and assembled in Vancouver, Canada using Canadian materials
  • ready to hang - no framing necessary
  • matte laminate offers permanent protection from fingerprints, dirt, moisture and other contaminants
  • clean with a damp cloth without risk of damage
  • keyhole slot in the back for easy, secure hanging on a single screw
  • ingredient list appears at the bottom of the design

Originally made with rum and heavily watered down, this cocktail originated as a way for sailors to avoid scurvy and contaminated water. On return to shore the sailors brought their acquired taste with them, but substituted a liquor more commonly available in the Americas - whiskey.

      Designed by Justin Holmes in Vancouver, Canada, each image is made-up of thousands of triangles, digitally hand-placed and coloured - no filters or algorithms are used.