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Bittered Sling - Western Haskap

Dark tannic berry notes. Herbaceous, earthy character and subtle hints of anise, cocoa and licorice. With slight Syrah colouration, the Western Haskap takes a unique fruit grown in western Canada, and turns it into an expression fit for any and all applications. Haskap berries are grown and harvested in BC.

Beverage recommendations: Rum, Tequila & Mezcal, Gin, Honey, Maple and other sweeteners, Chartreuse, Campari & other bitter liqueurs

Cooking recommendations: Chocolate is a perfect match, though this bitters pushes dynamic flavour into ice creams, house-made yogurts, petit-fours and confections, For a sensual culinary experience, use Bittered Sling Western Haskap Bitters as a deglaze for beef jus to add depth and spice to the finished sauce.

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