Bittered Sling - Cascade Celery

Beverage Tasting Institute International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal (2014)

Made with Cascade/Rocky wild mountain celery, the Cascade Celery bitters are savoury and floral with expressions of summertime green herbs; notes of celery, dill and caraway, the floral character of hops and chamomile and the bittering power of angelica and dandelion.

Beverage recommendations: This extracts has fallen madly in love with vermouths. Vermouths and wine based spirit, lower in alcohol volume, captivate the subtle yet powerful nose and palate of this distinctive fresh and vegetal flavour. Although we don’t frown on the pairing of dark spirits, this extract shines on the palate with white spirits, intrinsically linking each ingredient together with subtle aroma and a remarkable balance. Amazing in Bloody Marys and Bloody Caesars. 

Cooking recommendations: Vinaigrettes, cures, dressings, and marinades for olives and pickles. Use to lightly accent delicate flavours like fresh oysters, as well as sharp “umami” flavours like soy, hard-ripened cheeses, mushrooms and sea urchin.

Little Nordic Caesar
1 oz. Brennivin Aquavit
4 oz. Walter Caesar Mix
1 dash Tabasco Sauce
1 dash Worcestershire Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 dashes Cascade Celery bitters

1. Combine all ingredients in a food safe container, and allow to steep covered at room temperature for 72 hours. Strain and store in a clean, dated bottle in the fridge.
2. When thirsty, pour over ice and enjoy!
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