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False Ox Celery Jalapeno Shrub

Amazingly refreshing — great Jalapeño taste without a lot of heat. Refreshingly bright celery with enough jalapeño flavour to make this shrub a truly unique ingredient. Works nice in a Caesar, with Tequila, or in a gimlet.

False Ox Botanical Shrubs are made to be both tart and sweet to create a balanced and refreshing drink. Made in Toronto, ON.

Mix 1 ounce of shrub with mineral water to make a fantastically thirst quenching beverage. 

Ingredients: organic cider vinegar, organic celery, jalapeño peppers, organic cane sugar
12 oz. / 355mL bottle

— build in glass on ice, cucumber garnish —
1.5 oz. mezcal
1 oz. False Ox Celery Jalapeño Shrub
3-4 oz. sparkling water

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