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Napa Valley Coffee Pecan Bitters 2 oz.

Inspired by the love of coffee and pecan pie! Born from many nostalgic memories of the family sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table after feasting enjoying a beautiful espresso and picking at the slice of pecan pie that you thought you could still eat... 

The base spirit is a 4 year aged bourbon that was finished for 12 months in a Napa Valley Port Works cask. This spirit not only adds a subtle oakiness but also an even more subtle raisiny note that comes through when paired with sweet vermouth and amaros. 

The coffee blend was created and roasted by Charlie, owner and coffee roaster, at Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company who worked extensively with Napa Valley Bitters to ensure a perfect blend and fresh roasting. 

In addition, there are 30+ other herbs, botanicals and spices that make this a brilliant and versatile addition to any bar — both professional and amateur alike. 

Hand Crafted in Napa, CA.

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