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Bittered Sling - Autumn Bog Cranberry

Roll up your cuffs, wade into the wetland and savour the freshly harvested tang of the cranberry crop. Bright and tart, this extract acts partly as an acidulated compound, adding a sharp twist to food and cocktails where you need it the most. Tannic and tart berry with warm black tea and cinnamon. Notes of green cardamom, licorice, allspice, cloves and fresh citrus peels.

Beverage recommendations: This extract is so seasonal and special. Use to add a light dash of acidity to an otherwise flat creation.

Cooking recommendations: 
This seasonal bitter holds great acidity, warm spice and fruit juice bite! We love composing salad dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces with dried fruit, and using in poultry glazes. Light cookies and pastry sauces are perfectly seasoned with this unique and beautiful bitter.

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