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The Third Place Ginger Rose Tonic

Ginger’s heard the rumors. Two gents (one with a penchant for waistcoats) have gone about the land spreading civility of drinking gin with their world-class tonic. They’re from her home town, St. John’s, NL, a city long known for its connection to the sea and the libations of its sailors.

Gin, although a great choice for some of the Navy crowd, doesn’t sit well with Ms. Rose. She’s a whiskey girl and she can sip dram after dram as well as any of the b’ys from down by the Harbour.

Ginger does concede that there’s a place for refinement; for cocktails made with intention and purpose. So she set out to create a cocktail of her own. Starting with cinchona for bitterness (a bat of her eyelashes and the lads were happy to lend her some), Ginger adds her name sake in abundance to create a spicy, floral and citrus forward cocktail that stands up to the sweet, bold flavour of her whiskey of choice — Kentucky bourbon.

Enjoy 1 oz. of The Third Place Ginger Rose Tonic with 2 oz. of your favourite whiskey, and 2 oz. of sparkling water over ice.

Ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid, cinchona bark, citrus zest, ginger, organic lemongrass, organic hibiscus flowers, organic rose petals, organic rosehips, potassium sorbate, lapang souchong tea, szechuan peppercorns

8 oz. / 237mL bottle