BRU-V Pint Glass

The idea behind BRU-V is simple. The number 1 cause of “skunky” beer is beer which has been exposed to natural, visible light. This exposure triggers a chemical reaction, which happens in mere seconds. With our BRU-V Protected glasses, beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy better tasting and fresher beer than ever before straight from the glass.

This product was borne out of necessity while working on the floor of a local craft brewery. As more attention is placed on the quality of our beers, so must the glass and the experience around it.

BRU-V Protection means one no longer needs to worry about the adverse effects on their beer, while enjoying the outdoor sunshine. We aim to spark conversations and educate beer drinkers, from the backyard to the cottage, where taste challenges will abound, and customers can taste first-hand the incredible difference that BRU-V Protection offers.

20oz. pint glass. 
Designed in Toronto