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Cut Glass Verse-Eau Absinthe Dripper

The Verse-Eau (“water pourer” in French) is a single server used to slowly add water to absinthe. A dose of absinthe is first poured into the glass, and the Verse-Eau is placed on top of the glass. Ice is then placed inside the Verse-Eau and water is slowly poured over the ice from a carafe or pitcher. The ice water will begin to stream through a small hole located at its bottom into the absinthe below. 

It is not suggested to completely fill the Verse-Eau with water. Doing so could quickly overfill the glass, or add too much water for your liking. The preferred method for use is to pour small amounts of water into the piece, in increments. This way the absinthe can be tasted and adjusted, before too much water is added.

The drilled hole at the bottom of the Verse-Eau may vary slightly from one piece to another, as they are each mouth-blown. Each hole is hand drilled using a diamond bit.

To use with sugar, simply place a cube (or stacked cubes) over the hole before the ice and water is added.

  • Mouth blown glass.
  • Facets cut by hand.
  • Measures 3.75" wide x 2" tall.
  • Base of dripper fits a 3.25" mouth glass or smaller.
  • Made in France.