Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic Recipes

Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic Recipes JACK & THE BEANSTALK (as pictured)— shake, serve up, flamed orange peel garnish —1.5 oz. gin3/4 oz. Aperol1/3 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1/4 oz. fresh grapefruit juiceby Ryan Casey of FIG Restaurant, Charleston SC DILLIONAIRE (as pictured)— shake, serve on ice, cucumber and dill garnish —2 cucumber slices and 2 sprigs of fresh dill, gently muddled2 oz. Hendricks Gin1/2 oz. Cocchi Americano1/2 oz. Luxardo Maraschino1/2 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1/2 oz. fresh lime juice1 drop Bittermens Boston Bittahsby The Straight Up PALMETTO COCKTAIL— build in collins glass on ice, lime and fresh ginger garnish —1.75 oz. white rum1/2 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonictop with sparkling waterby Matt and Ted Lee, James Beard Award Winners GIN & TONIC— build in collins glass with ice —2 oz. gin3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic4 oz. sparkling watergarnish of choice (citrus, cucumber, fresh herbs, etc.) ROOM D — build in glass on ice —1.5 oz. rye1/2 oz. Becherovka1/4 oz. demerara syrupteaspoon Jack Rudy Small Batch Toniclemon, orange and grapefruit peelby David Shenaut of Riffle NW, Portland, OR THE ELDER SAGE— build in collins glass on ice —1.5 oz. sage liqueur1.5 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur2 dashes of Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters3 oz. sparkling waterby Russ Gooding GINNY ROSE — build in collins glass on ice, lemon wheel and flower petal garnish —1.5 oz. gin3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic3 oz. Belvoir Elderflower-Rose Presse2 oz. soda waterby Brian Casey of The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma CA HOT GIN & TONIC— serve in a mug, orange peel garnish —1.75 oz. gin3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1/4 oz. simple syrup3.5 oz. hot waterby Felix von Hurter of Sipsmith Distillery, London UK HANDSTAND ON A PADDLEBOARD— dry shake, shake, serve up —1.5 oz. white rye3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice1/2 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1 egg white1/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Grenadine in bottom of glass (not shaken with rest)3 oz. sparkling rose, floated on topby Kelsey Parker of Tratoria Stella, Traverse City MI CELERY & CUCUMBER— shake, serve on ice —2 oz. Plymouth Gin3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic1/2 oz. fresh celery juice1/4 oz. fresh lime juicetop with 1 oz. Dry Cucumber Sodaby Jeff Bell of PDT, NYC KY 75— shake, serve in flute, lemon twist garnish —1.25 oz. gin3/4 oz. Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonictop with 4 oz. Champagne or sparkling wine ** all recipes courtesy of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. **