NOW Toronto: Rod Stewart stocks up at BYOB

NOW Toronto: Rod Stewart stocks up at BYOB

"Your mom's favourite British rock star, in Toronto for a performance, bought a gold bar set at Queen West's Cocktail Emporium before the store opened for business.

At BYOB Cocktail Emporium’s Kensington Market store, the cover of Rod Stewart’s 1976 album A Night on the Town – in which the singer appears in a straw hat, lifting a coup of champagne – hangs on the wall. So imagine owner Kristen Voisey’s surprise when the British musician showed up at BYOB’s Queen Street West location early this morning.

“We actually hadn’t opened yet,” Voisey says. “I was here early because I was doing window displays last night, so I was up by the front cleaning up when a big black SUV pulled up.”

When Voisey recognized Stewart hop out of the vehicle, with his signature dishevelled hairstyle, she let him and two of his assistants into the shop.

The 70-year-old crooner best known for hits like Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Tonight’s the Night, and Maggie May, is in town to perform an exclusive concert for just 350 people at the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio tonight (November 16).

When he turned up at BYOB early in the day, he was looking to buy ingredients to make French Martini cocktails for his wife, Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

“They poked around for like 15 minutes and he was the nicest ever, just the sweetest.” Voisey recalls. “His assistant wanted stuff for Old Fashioneds for her husband.”

In addition to his cocktail shopping list, Stewart purchased a gold shaker, bar spoon and jigger. He also left with gold-rimmed coups similar to the one he was photographed holding in the 1970s.  "

-Michelle da Silva
November 16, 2015