Boston Globe: Canada is on sale, and you should go shopping

Boston Globe: Canada is on sale, and you should go shopping

"... Before we hit the stores, here are the basics: Toronto is the fourth most populous city in North America, following New York City, Mexico City, and Los Angeles (sorry Chicago). Its residents are incredibly diverse, and, this is important for shopping purposes, it’s huge.

By my choppy count, there are 55 different neighborhoods and/or important shopping thoroughfares in the city. Divide that by the three days I visited, and I would need to cover 18 neighborhoods a day (technically 18.3 for you persnickety math types keeping count). The Toronto tourism bureau puts the neighborhood count at 25. Either way, it’s a shopper’s paradise.


The following day I headed to Kensington Market, a counter-culture haven that is winking and flirting something fierce with hipster gentrification. Dusty vintage stores co-exist with boutiques, upscale cafes, fruit vendors, and tacky T-shirt shops. This is a college neighborhood (it’s bordered by the University of Toronto and Chinatown), so a Swedish cafe called Fika is packed with students after they shop for cheap leggings nearby in thrift stores. This neighborhood is thrift store central, although I have to confess that I spent more time in the 1/2 oz. Cocktail Emporium, which sells vintage cocktail glasses and an obscenely wonderful number of bitters and syrups."

- Christopher Muther
April 26, 2016